Your privacy is important to us. France Publications Inc., d/b/a France Media Inc., provides a privacy policy so that you know how we use any information that we may collect from you. We may collect information from you through cookie technology and by the information you provide to us by submitting forms, information requests and surveys. Our websites include,,,,,,, and, and others that feed off these sites, such as our subscription fulfillment and reprints ordering websites.

The information we collect may expand from time to time, and may be used for different purposes as we continue to expand our websites and magazine offerings. You can visit this page or request this document to see if our policy has changed. By entering our site, you signify your acceptance of our privacy policy.

Collection and Use of Information

When you register or request to receive one of our online newsletters, digital editions or a printed magazine, or register for a conference, our forms will ask for certain contact information. In some cases, they may pre-populate with personal information that is stored by us. This information is used solely by France Publications, Inc. From time to time, we may send mailings and e-mail broadcasts to people meeting certain demographic criteria. We may do these mailings and distributions on behalf of other companies, who are carefully screened by France Publications, Inc. You have the option to opt out of any mailings that we may perform. Be assured, France Publications does not sell our circulation data, electronic or print, to any third party.

Some of our websites use cookies (bits of data which store small amounts of data about your visit to our site on your computer) to determine which topics our subscribers are interested in so that we can better target the information we share with our readers.

Most of the banner ads displayed on our sites are hosted by an outside service provider on behalf of France Media; some ads are hosted by advertisers and their vendors. These platforms track ad impressions and clicks. This tracking does not contain any identifiable information about a particular computer user. However, once you click on an ad and visit an advertiser’s website you are subject to their privacy policy.

We also may share aggregate statistics about our websites, such as traffic patterns, site data, sales and demographics, with our customers and potential advertisers. This information is non-personal and does not reveal any individual information.

If you wish to restrict, erase or turn off cookies, please follow the browser-specific instructions found at Keep in mind that these settings may apply to all websites you visit and may impact the functionality of all websites.

Conference Registration

When you register for one of our InterFace conferences, you may have to provide more personal data than you would for a magazine or e-newsletter subscription. No personal data, such as birth date, is ever used for anything other than its intended purpose. This information is collected and stored by us and sometimes by outside service providers, such as our conference registration provider. Those who allow a third-party to register them for a conference should be aware that personal data is collected and stored. Your contact information data is held by France Media, Inc., and can be used by the company to market other products to you from time to time. These products include other conferences, magazine subscriptions, e-newsletters and other services. France Media does not sell your data to any third-party. As well, when you register for a conference, you may have the option to receive a free time-limited subscription to one of our magazines and/or e-newsletter. To manage your conference email preferences, visit


France Media hosts and produces webinars. These webinars are conducted via a third-party platform that collects registration information so that we can send you information about the event and send you a link to video and audio after the event. Registration often entitles you to a free subscription to a related e-newsletter and/or print magazine. When these events are sponsored or co-hosted by another party in the industry, we may share your contact information with the co-host.

Credit Cards

Should you provide a credit card number through one of our websites or third-party event websites to purchase a subscription, conference admission, ticket, award entry, product or service, it is processed through a secure server held by a third party. France Publications, Inc., has no access to credit card numbers processed online. However, we can process and refund the credit card number you use. We use this method to efficiently process credit card transactions in a secure manner. If you should purchase subscriptions, products and services with us, please note that the charge will appear to “France Publications.” Credit card numbers given to us over the phone or in person are sometimes manually processed.

E-mail addresses

When you provide us with an e-mail address, you are providing us with personal data and give us permission to contact you using that email address. On print publications, we may use your e-mail address to notify you about your subscription term expiration (i.e., when your renewal is due). That practice saves paper and time, and is allowed under the CAN-SPAM Act. All of our magazine subscriptions include a free subscription to REBusinessOnline newsletter and/or the newsletter related to the magazine to which you subscribe. You have the option to opt-out of these emails by selecting “unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email blast or by visiting and updating your newsletter preferences. This will direct you to an online form that allows you to update your e-mail subscriptions, including unsubscribing. Opting out of email subscriptions will not affect your print subscription. From time to time, we may also contact you with other subscription, marketing and business opportunities and services that we may provide. From time to time, we may also send you a request to participate in various surveys. You are able to opt out of these offerings through our email providers. Should you opt out, and change your mind, you can also opt back in to newsletter subscriptions at a later date, by visiting For any other types of email notifications, you can email jlackey [at] to opt back in.

Directory Information Submissions

When you fill out a submission form for one of our online or print directories (e.g. Lenders Resource Guide or Goldbook publications), we will assume by doing so: (1) you are authorized by your company to disclose all information required on the form; (2) you are filling out the form to the best knowledge of the company; and (3) that the information is accurate and as up-to-date as possible. With some of our directories, all information received by France Publications, Inc., is posted in the online listing and is viewable by any visitor to our website. The data you provide, which could contain names of personnel, phone numbers and other contact information, will be displayed online. In some cases, this may be personally identifiable information. The information contained in our directory listings is readily obtainable by any site viewer. In the cases of our print directories, this information will be printed and mailed to subscribers.

Use by Children

We encourage children under the age of 18 to ask a parent for permission before using our websites or any websites.


By entering and using our websites, you consent to the use and collection of your information by France Publications, Inc. as stated by the policies above. When this policy is modified, it shall be posted on this page. We do this so that all of our users are aware of our information gathering policy and how we use any data provided to us. If you have questions on our privacy policy, or wish to opt out of any of our mailings or surveys, please contact Randall Shearin, Senior Vice President, Editorial & Operations at randy [at], with your specific request. We will try our best to accommodate your request as efficiently as possible. For general web contact, please email webmaster [at]