Updated February 6, 2024

Sponsoring an InterFace/France Media event

InterFace/France Media events are designed to maximize your exposure to the commercial real estate audience. Sponsors and exhibitors receive services (as outlined in sponsor/exhibitor contracts) designed to maximize exposure ahead of and at the event. These services begin as soon as France Media/InterFace Conference Group begins marketing the event. France Media’s events have three general categories:

  • Events with full exhibit halls. For example, InterFace Student Housing.
  • InterFace Exchanges, which bring together small groups of owner/operators or developers with sponsors for face-to-face networking meetings, information exchange and relationship building. These events include, but are not limited to, Student Housing Business Development Exchange, Student Housing Business Operations Exchange, Multifamily Operations Exchange and Seniors Housing Business Operations Exchange. As it relates to the Exchange events, sponsors are referred to in the specific contract as “Exchange Participants.”
  • Events with limited exhibit/tabletops. These events include, but are not limited to, InterFace-branded city, regional and real estate sector conferences, as well as Entertainment Experience Evolution, LeaseCon/TurnCon, and THE Inland Empire Commercial Real Estate Conference.

Sponsorship Materials

As a sponsor, you will need to provide us with certain materials, such as a company logo, handouts and/or advertising materials (creative), so that we can recognize your sponsorship of the event and fulfill obligations under the contract. Providing these materials to France Media in the correct format by the deadline requested is necessary for France Media to publicize your sponsorship. The sponsor’s failure to provide this material — on time and in the correct format — does not void or cancel the contract. Refunds will not be issued if the sponsor fails to provide materials due as part of the sponsorship package.

Some sponsorships include advertising in our program books and magazines, and/or e-mail blasts and newsletters. Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all content (including text, representation and illustration) of advertisements printed or posted online, and also assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the Advertiser or France Media. France Media reserves the right to reject any advertising which is not in keeping with our publication standards.


If you are an exhibitor, you will be sent an exhibitor kit or exhibitor fact sheet for each conference.

InterFace Student Housing has a full exhibit hall managed by a third-party exhibit decorator. A full exhibitor kit is sent for this conference prior to the event.

At events with tabletop exhibits, the exhibits are generally 6-foot tabletops. Electricity and internet connection, etc., are generally not included but may be available for purchase through a third-party vendor. Our staff can put you in touch with the provider for each event — please contact your sales representative.

Please note the setup time in your exhibit kit; tabletops are sometimes in the same room as the conference and often must be set before the conference begins. We strongly discourage large exhibit booths at these conferences, as they are not recommended for the short duration of the conference.

For any InterFace/France Media conference, no refunds will be given for the exhibitor’s failure to comply with the terms, requirements and regulations given in the exhibitor kit or exhibitor fact sheet. Refunds are not issued for exhibitors who do not show to the conference.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available for rent at some InterFace/France Media events. Your agreement with InterFace is for the meeting room rental only. A separate food and beverage minimum may be required by the venue. If so, that contract or banquet event order (BEO) will be between your company and the venue; InterFace and France Media will not be involved in the fulfillment of your order or responsible for your F&B minimum or any clean up fees, damages, property losses, etc., that you incur.


All exhibitor and sponsor attendees must be registered for the event. You may receive complimentary registrations for InterFace events as part of your sponsorship/exhibitor agreement. These registrations are for employees of your company only and are limited in number as specified in your contract. Any additional registrations will be charged at the prevailing rate at the time the registration is made. The resale of registrations, whether gained through sponsorship or paid, is not permitted. Individuals or groups found to be reselling registrations will be met with action from France Media Inc. If you are interested in group registration, or paying for registration for others, please contact the conference director to arrange an attendance sponsorship package.

No Shows

There are no refunds or credits issued for unused registrations or no-show attendees that are included in a sponsorship or exhibitor package. There are no refunds or credits for exhibitors who no-show to a conference or exchange or choose not to exhibit.

Location and Date

Contracts with exhibitors and sponsors are sometimes executed before specific locations of events (i.e., venues) and dates are known. As such, the sponsor/exhibitor enters this agreement with the understanding that their agreement to sponsor or exhibit is not dependent on a specific venue, location or date. If the location and date is known, that will be noted on the contract.


Most venues do not allow alcohol or large volumes of food to be served at booths, unless purchased through the venue. Please check with your sales representative if you have any concerns about your booth materials or giveaways.


France Media Inc. and InterFace Conference Group, the hotel/venue provider, and their respective owners and agents, do not maintain insurance covering any property brought onto the venue premises by attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. It is the sole responsibility of the attendee, sponsor and/or exhibitor to obtain insurance covering such property loss that may arise while at the event or traveling to/from the event. France Media is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. France Media is not liable for any issues caused by limitations of the venue.


Attendees, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors are expected to conduct themselves on a professional level. France Media Inc. and InterFace Conference Group reserve the right to remove any attendee, sponsor or exhibitor for any reason deemed necessary by the conference director, officer of the company or hosting venue. All attendees are subject to France Media’s Attendance Policy, found at www.interfaceconferencegroup.com/policies.

Payment and Cancellation

Events with full exhibit halls, like InterFace Student Housing, have their own payment schedule and cancellation policy, which is outlined on the sales contract. Please refer to your contract. The payment schedules and cancellation policies in these contracts apply to a specific conference only.

Payments for Exchange participants are due 30 days prior to the first day (arrival date) of the Exchange. Additionally, the Exchange conferences have a separate attendance agreement as part of the participant agreement.

Payment for sponsorships and exhibits for other InterFace events are due 30 days before the date of the event.

As a sponsor, your marketing exposure begins once your contract is signed. Your company is receiving exposure from your sponsorship between the signing date and the conference date. As such, cancellations are handled as follows:

  • From contract execution to 31 days before the conference — 50% refundable. Balance is due upon cancellation.
  • 30 days or less before the conference — no refunds. Balance is due upon cancellation.

Once cancelled, contracted services provided by France Media are no longer valid.

Elements of this policy are subject to the France Media Inc. privacy policy, found here.